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Coaching ToolBox

The Coaching ToolBox believes  children are born to build.  This program allows kids t work on individual and small group projects with real tools and materials.  Teaching the kids if they can imagine it this well help them build it

Lil Dribblers and Stop the Violence Basketball league

The Stop the Violence League was renamed after two guys that gave back to the community in several ways.  So we have an Annual League that represent them and what they did for our youth.

Me and My Dad Got Game 2 on 2 Basketball Tournament 

Building the foundation in our community, we need more fathers to be involve.  So lets have some fun with a child.  They don't have to be yours but one that looks up to you.  Fathers you think you got game, well lets see you bring it by challenging other fathers and their kids.

Baseball League

Youth sports team, giving back to our youth.  T'ball, Minors and Majors division.

500 Book Challenge

A place where we have mentors and coaches hold the kids accountable for reading 30 mins a day.  Kids have to Read before being able to play in any activities.  The goal is to have everyone read 500 books per session.

Writing Program

Program that helps our youth with their writing skills.  We allows kids to write other kids all over the world.  The program is also used to develop their skill in writing books, plays and movies.

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