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The Delaware Basketball Association (DBA)

The Delaware Basketball Association was started by a group of guys that had their own basketball program, but want to come together to create one competitive program that gave every child around to participate and learn the game correctly.


 Robert Moore, Robert Turner and Darnell Vaughn  had a vision.  The vision was to bring everyone to a table and sit down and come up with a program that targets youth that's interested in sports of basketball and that's how the DBA was formed.  Not only do they have sports they have an academic program as well.  Each child is required to come to study hall before their practice in order to play in the game on Saturdays.  

This league provide over 260 kids in the surrounding area something to do 3-4 days out of the week.  We provide mentoring, someone the kids to talk to and a safe environment that kids the kids off the streets. 

Great opportunity!!!

The top kids from our DBA league will be going to  Brooklyn NY to play their top kids.  There will be 45 kids traveling from Wilmington DE to NY on October 07.  Great Job to everyone pick to represent Delaware and the tri-state area!!!!  To help sponsors this event please contact us! 302-803-8501

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